Pierson Bark Park strives to provide a fun, safe environment for you and your dog(s). By using this park you agree that you understand and assume all responsibility and liability for the risks of unleashing your dog(s) in this facility. Pierson Bark Park is not fully supervised. Patrons therefore are required to abide by the rules and etiquette at all times while on the premises. Guardians and individual accompanying them use the facility entirely at their own risk and that of their dog(s). The future of this area depends on members behaving responsibly and obeying all the rules. Canine and human members of the park are expected to behave with common courtesy and respect for the property as well as the park users.

We realize guardian socialization is a great added value to the park, but please remember that your first priority is the proper supervision of your dog(s).

  • Vaccinations records including Bordetella/Kennel Cough, Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper are required.
  • Your membership is for your registered dog(s) only. Any additional dogs must be registered before using the park. It is prohibited to allow non-member dogs in the gate with your key card. Violators are subject to expulsion from park.
  • No children under ten years of age. Infants in front/backpacks are permitted. No running or chasing by older children.
  • Please seal the bag tightly and dispose of your dog’s waste. Occasionally guardians overlook their dog’s waste. Informing the guardian(s) or disposing of orphan poops will help keep the park clean and disease free.
  • Supervise your dog(s) as they move around the park and keep them within voice control. Never allow your dog(s) to harm humans, other pets, or wildlife. No more than three dogs per guardian. Should it become necessary to leash your dogs due to a behavior problem, please exit the park promptly.
  • Carrying a leash is encouraged. Choke or prong collars are not allowed as they may snag on trees, fencing, park furniture as well as another dog’s mouth. Dogs are to be leashed before entering and leaving the fenced-in area.
  • Dogs known to exhibit vicious, aggressive, or dangerous behavior are not permitted in the park. Pit bulls/Staffordshire bull terriers must be professionally temperament tested before using the park. Documentation is required.
  • Digging is not permitted. Guardians must try to prevent digging and fill in any holes their dog(s) may dig.
  • When the pond is open, dogs are encouraged to swim…humans are not. If ice is visible, swimming is not permitted and dogs are to be kept away from pond.
  • Water is provided for the dogs except during winter. Dog food in bowls and long lasting chews/bones are not permitted.
  • Because cigarette butts and food wrappers are tempting and unhealthy for dogs, no smoking nor eating while in the park. Glass bottles are also prohibited.
  • Frisbees, balls and retrieval toys are allowed and encouraged, but be prepared to share with other park visitors (petty theft problem).
  • Female dogs in season/heat are not permitted in the park. We strongly recommend you spay or neuter your pets to help with aggression and pet overpopulation.
  • Any dog or person creating a disturbance or violating posted rules must leave the park if requested by law enforcement or park personnel.

Observing the above guidelines helps keep the park safe, clean and fun for everyone!