Dog Training How to Make It Take You to Walk?

By | June 9, 2020

The puppies are often very stubborn, they just love to do what they want and do not want to obey anyone, including the mother dog. So, how can you “control” it and let it take you along? This is a waste of training time, but the result is not bad at all!

Dog Training How to Make It Take You to Walk?

  1. Let the puppy get tired of playing before walking

Puppies often pull strings because they have excess energy and look forward to getting out. If possible, get the puppies tired by playing with them before using the lead for the day.

  1. Teach the puppy to stay still when you put the leash around your neck

Puppies are often agitated when it’s time to go out, jump on their owners, and bark at them before going out. This problem can last for years if you don’t solve it when your dog is small.

If the puppy barks and jumps on you as you take the rope, wait for it to calm down completely before putting the leash around your neck. Do this several times until the puppy learns to behave or it will not go out.

  1. Use the green light and red light methods

Take the puppies out. As they run forward and pull the strings, stop. Wait for them to turn around and say “come here”, when the puppy comes to you, order “sit down”. Feed them and keep going. Repeat this process until the puppy learns to walk beside you instead of pulling on the rope.

When puppies walk with you, reward them often so they know where you want them to go.

Continue to apply this method for a few weeks. It may take some time before your dog understands that they cannot drag you on the street.