Depressed Dogs How to Identify and Treat?

By | June 9, 2020

Depressed dog expression like? Depression is a disease that silently undermines the health of a pet. Here are the most noticeable expressions:

– Glamorous, uncomfortable.

– Little attention to the surrounding.

– Unfocused.

– Tired.

– Slow.

– Eat more or less.

– Sleep more or less.

If your pet experiences 5 of the above problems for 2 consecutive weeks. Then it can be suspected that depression.

Can dogs suffer from depression?

Depressed Dogs How to Identify and Treat?

The answer is yes. However, human expressions are not comparable with animals. The behavior of a pet will be different from that of a person, both in terms of thinking and behavior.

A pet will not commit suicide or blame itself, because a pet doesn’t know how to commit suicide or blame itself, nor does it know how to commit suicide and what to do.

The cause of depression in dogs

Depression may stem from the following:

– Cages are too narrow or not suitable for livestock breeds.

– The amount of food provided to animals is too much or is repeated the same food for a long time.

– Have not been bred or bred for a long time.

– The owner does not take him out to participate in activities or does not often go to meet other dogs.

– Smeared with perfume or used cosmetics. For a long time, he could no longer remember his body odor.

– Being kept in the style of a pet owner in the same place makes the pet not think that he is an animal anymore.

– Owner pampering everything, not teaching and training.

– The owner suddenly leaves when the pet is older.

– Being changed owner or exchanged with a stable, but not suitable.

Manifestations when dogs are depressed

Where dogs bark

Dogs that bark at regular times, when we encounter this problem we yell at dogs that are puppies, then actually not true. Because they were born dogs, of course they instinctively bark.

But when they bark, the owner comes to rub his head or scratches his neck, scratches his chin, or holds him up and cuddles and smells the dog so he can stop with love. The dog will think that the puppy’s behavior is correct and that the owner is happy. As a result, the dog will continue to do so. And the owner also continues to praise them with such gestures, they will continue to do so.

Old dog case

The dog is already old and the owner suddenly dies and the dog is fasting to death. This case has happened more often than in the past. The reason is that the dog owner loves them just like their own children. And they are extremely attached to the owner. Especially dogs that have only 1 owner and 1 dog. The owner does not often contact the dog, go out with other dogs. Not often taking them out to play, they will think that the whole world has only one owner. If there is any unfortunate event, the owner is dead, the dog will be disoriented immediately. And the depressed dog will just wait for us to come home until the dog dies.

Where dogs only lick their feet all day

Depressed Dogs How to Identify and Treat?

Many owners have taken their dog to the vet because they think their dog has itchy feet or scabies. In fact, if you look closely at the dog’s biography, you will find that the dogs do not have any activities to play every day. Just stay in the room and eat the same old food over and over. Or the owner has a lot of dogs so he can’t take care of them all.

Dogs will begin to lick their feet when we are not at home, until the puppies have shed their hair, leaving the skin pink. After that, he will not stop licking, the dog will continue to lick until bleeding is also there. Some owners wear speaker necklaces or buy shoes for puppies.

But this behavior is only stopped for a short time, when removed, they lick again. So for treatment, it is necessary to adjust the behavior of the owner and give the dog medication prescribed by a psychiatrist. Drinking continuously within 1 year will cure.